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accolades_man200x175 "Reliant Rehabilitation's inhouse management program allowed us to efficiently integrate our therapist with our core facility mission without the usual pitfalls of an inhouse transition. We now have an automated system that monitors the integrity of our billing and QA functions. Reliant's inhouse program was a significant cost savings for my company."
Dan Brown, CEO, Chairman of the Board
Millennium Health Management VI

"Reliant Rehabilitation's inhouse program enabled our therapists to fully participate in meeting the facility's core objectives. The transition was seamless and the integrated system is first class."
Tracy Charleville, Senior Administrator
Millennium Health Management

"I am currently a licensed nursing facility administrator in the Metro New Orleans area. Rebuilding long term care in the post Katrina days has been full of challenges in the rehab arena. After several different approaches in attempts to benefit our residents, we were introduced to Reliant Rehabilitation. Reliant has come into our facility with open arms and open minds. Together, with the assistance of our Rehab Director, our results and satisfaction level of our residents is better than it has ever been at this facility. I want to thank Reliant for their knowledge, compassion, and professionalism. Bayside Healthcare Center is certainly a multi-faceted facility because of our relationship with Reliant."
Connie Bushnell, Administrator
Bayside Healthcare Center

"We use Reliant Rehabilitation for our nursing facility and I have found them to be hard working, honest, and most importantly, they sincerely care for our residents. I would recommend them to any facility who wants to move forward in their business."
Todd Ford, Administrator
Green Meadow Haven

"Reliant Rehabilitation’s therapists are knowledgeable, professional, and work exceptionally well with our residents. I have experienced great corporate support from the Reliant management team and look forward to many more years working with Reliant in providing therapy services to our residents."
Amanda Landry, Administrator
Franklin Healthcare Center

"Reliant Rehabilitation's Rehab Director helped us improve relationships with referral sources."
Renee Matthews
Matthew's Memorial

Reliant Rehabilitation is a leading provider of vendored rehab services because they recognize the relationship with the customer is never a "one size fits all" . While care and services are always consistent, the way they compliment the customer is flexible and moldable. Our recipe for success is 100% collaboration, support of progressive therapies and industry leading strategies to achieve both exceptional clinical outcomes and business goals.
Tara Roberts, Director of Rehabilitation Services Nexion Health Management Inc.