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The Model 10 Difference

Clinical studies have proven the following benefits for Reliant Rehabilitation's Model 10:


As the health care industry has changed, the role of therapy has evolved to meet these challenges. The treatment strategies selected must be designed to meet the needs of patients in an efficient and cost effective manner within a variety of clinical settings. Model 10 ©, Reliant Rehabilitation's revolutionary clinical model of care, was derived from an extensive internal research effort organized by a collaborative team of doctors, therapists and nurses. Committed to the success of maximizing each patient's functional potential, the team collected and analyzed information required to advance the impact of therapy services and treatment programs.

All Reliant Rehabilitation therapists receive comprehensive training which enhances their clinical decision making skills. Model 10 © has been proven to improve clinical outcomes while increasing profitability. Model 10 © will set the standard for how long term care therapy is administered and managed.

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