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Reliant Mobility

Reliant Mobility is a rehabilitation and health promotion system created by Reliant Rehabilitation that uses strength building exercise equipment to help seniors build muscle, gain strength, improve balance and achieve the highest possible level of functional independence. The program includes: 5 pieces of exercise equipment, protocols, training, implementation and marketing support.

More Effective Therapy

The human body is like a weight stack on an exercise machine. Whether you are lifting the weight of your body or the weights on an exercise machine, you are lifting weight. The benefit of exercise equipment is that the weights are fully adjustable; the user can begin with virtually zero weight and gradually add more as needed.

Although the need for zero weights is rare, full body weight is almost always too much. For example, a male resident, unable to stand and afraid of falling is prescribed therapy services to restore his ability to walk. The resident weights 200 pounds. Because he is not strong enough to lift and balance the weight of his body, full body weight exercise is not a viable option. Exercise equipment is the optimal solution because it allows the resident to begin at a very low level and progress at his own rate. This remedial approach is substantially more effective and less demanding.

It's Safer Therapy

Safety is always a concern during the rehabilitative process. When the frail elderly are involved, compromise quickly converts to failure, further debilitation and/or injury.

Exercise equipment is the safest treatment method because the patient maintains sound, predictable and controllable patterns of movement, uses optimal resistance and receives needed postural support. These safety features relieve the user of related fear and permit the therapy team to focus on the recovery process. While it is possible to safely accomplish some level of improvement with other exercise methods, strength-building exercise equipment is demonstrably safer. It's the preferred treatment method in virtually every modern clinical setting.

Program Objective

Reliant Mobility is designed to improve patient/resident outcomes more quickly for less cost than traditional long-term care programs. This unique system helps a facility differentiate from its competitors, while enhancing its overall image through leadership in rehabilitation and health promotion.

System Features:

  • Staff and Facility Analysis
  • Equipment Selection, Space Design and Set-up
  • Clinical Protocols and Procedures
  • Documentation and Outcomes Management System
  • Facility Integration Process
  • Community Awareness and Support Material
  • Regional Network Alliance