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Reliant Rehabilitation

Dec 3, 2018

Headlines in This Issue…
Headline Article: PDPM Part 3: Function Scores
CMS Updates: Open Door Forum and ICD-10 Updates
Clinical Services: The Client Connection Monthly Webinar Series
HIPAA Happenings: Holiday Phishing
No Patient Left Behind: Be an Advocate
Care Matters Spotlight
PDPM Part 3: Function Scores Here,
Function Scores There,
PT, OT, and Nursing Everywhere!
Unless you’ve slept through the second half of 2018, you’re aware this year introduced updates to Section GG (Functional Abilities and Goals) and are at least familiar with the concept that Section GG plays a role in the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM). Today, let’s break down exactly how important of a role Section GG it plays in PDPM and the importance of accurate data collection.
Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Nursing case mix groupers will be directly impacted by Section GG scoring and the PDPM Function Score. Read the full article
here so when PDPM officially launches, communication is streamlined and your assessment team is confident in their data.
SNF Open Door Forum: 11/29/2018
In the last Open Door Forum of the year, CMS provided information regarding:
Read more
PDPM Provider Call! Register Now!
Medicare Learning Network is hosting a call specifically for PDPM on December 11, 2018 from 1:30-3 p.m. ET.
Attendees must
ICD-10 Updates!
Last month we continued with our series which dives into critical elements of PDPM by looking at ICD-10 coding. Due to updates provided by CMS we will take one more look at ICD-10 processes for PDPM, specifically the new item set I0020B. Read more
Reminders for Requirements of Participation
Last year CMS issued a temporary moratorium on certain enforcement remedies for select phase 2 requirements. We’ve provided a reminder of these areas as well as an update on the Nursing Home Compare Health Inspection Start Ratings. Read full article
Every month on the third Thursday, Reliant’s Clinical Services offers a webinar to our partners on relevant topics within our industry.
In November we celebrated Corporate Compliance and Ethics by providing an overview of Reliant’s Compliance Department and our collaborative partnerships to foster a culture of Do the Right Thing.
Join us in December for
Ringing In the New Year with Resolutions for Regulatory Success!
Holiday Phishing
Cyber criminals take advantage of the holidays to disguise their phishing campaigns and malware as seasonally accepted email. Requests for donations to fraudulent organizations, bogus holiday advertisements, and posing as package delivery services are common this time of year.
Click here
to view a real example of a phishing email impersonating Federal Express.
What to Do If You Suspect You Are a Victim of Phishing:
  • Change your password immediately.
  • Contact your IT Department.
  • For Reliant employees contact or call 225-767-7670.

No Patient Left Behind (NPLB)

trains our therapists in interpretation of quality indicator reports and the impact of quality measure reporting to aid in the care of facility residents. This month we’ll look a little closer at the final element: Being an Advocate.

Reliant believes it is our moral imperative to do right by our patients and ensure dignity, quality, and the highest level of independence possible. Each care partner plays a role in the resident’s success and it’s important to remember, you don’t have to go to Washington to be an effective advocate for your patients. Advocacy starts at the facility level and means you’ll be the voice for the resident who can’t speak, the movement for the resident who isn’t independently mobile, or the reliable provider for the resident who needs reassurance.
From admission to discharge, your actions are contagious and by advocating for your patients through simple acts, others will want to be a part of that passion. There is purpose in what you do, never forget that!
The Power of Therapy
by Kerry Frazier, Director of Rehab, Mineola, TX
Morgan Woods was a high spirited life-of-the-party kind of guy. He was always smiling, loved to dance and was an avid wood worker. Prior to his admit he lived in another SNF and was sent out to the hospital with symptoms of Altered Mental Status. He was treated for bacteremia and toxic metabolic encephalopathy and admitted to our facility to be evaluated by Hospice.
I know all of this because at admit, I spoke at length with his daughter, Temika, as she was really on the fence about either trying therapy or admitting to hospice. I explained the process therapy would follow and she decided to give us a chance, and let us see what we could do to help.
At evaluation, he was bedridden with numerous bed sores, received nutrition via a PEG tube, and was unable to sit up or make purposeful movements. Over the past few weeks, nursing has worked hard to treat his ulcers and they have completely healed. Therapy began with small goals, such as sitting on the side of the bed, reaching out for objects, etc. As therapy progressed this is what we are able to share:
September 6, 2018
He stood in the standing frame for the first time. He fatigued very quickly and would not reach out to engage in any tabletop activity.
September 18, 2018
He took his first steps using a rolling walker and the assistance of two therapists. The week prior he took his first steps in the therapy gym with the assistance of three therapists.
October 17, 2018
He is now walking down the hallway with no assistive device and hand held assistance of two therapists.
Morgan has started tapping his feet and dancing in his wheelchair when we play his favorite music like Michael Jackson or Motown. He will reach out to play balloon toss and will flash you the best smile!
During all of this, he took his first bites of food and is now feeding himself and enjoying food daily. Morgan has worked hard and is making wonderful progress. His family is thrilled and so are we!
We look forward to seeing him progress even further and one day be able to dance again!
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