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Nov 9, 2018

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Headline Article: PDPM: Idioms for ICD-10 Success
CMS Updates: Quality Reporting Program and Value Based Purchasing
Clinical Services: The Client Connection Monthly Webinar Series
HIPAA Happenings: Keep Your Passwords Safe
Care Matters Spotlight

PDPM Part 2: Idioms for ICD-10 Success

ICD-10 coding has never been so daunting! Thanks to search engine crosswalks and funny memes, the 2015 transition to ICD-10 did not leave any permanent scars, and most of us can now recall treatment codes with ease. However, ICD-10’s role in PDPM has
shuffled the deck. Suddenly, we are questioning our own knowledge and wondering if we have the skill set to be successful.
As we prepare for the transition to PDPM, it’s important to remember, we’re all in the same boat : ICD-10 coding on the MDS directly maps our patients into case mix categories for payment. There is no buffer between coding and reimbursement. CODING IS reimbursement for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, nursing and non-therapy ancillary. CMS says the primary patient diagnosis allows us to identify the patient’s unique conditions and goals which should be the primary driver for care planning and delivery of services.
Many facilities already have the ingredients for a recipe of success: a collaborative effort between nursing and therapy is key in identifying each active condition on admission and changes in condition throughout the episode of care.
 Let’s consider these additional idioms:
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Having a designated ICD-10 coder is an awesome resource; however, never discount the input from the other skilled professionals interacting with the patient. Coders provide accuracy, but clinicians, physicians, and dietitians provide the details to hone that accuracy.
The devil is in the details.
  • If you’ve ever wondered whether each element on the MDS mattered, PDPM has given you the answer. “Additional Active Diagnoses”, I8000’s title, does not scream “I’m important!”, but its first line: I8000A will map case mix for physical, occupational, and speech therapy components. Beyond this, Section I, active diagnoses, impacts all five clinical case mix categories, some of which are check boxes, others have clinical category and co-morbidity mapping tools.
The ball is in your court.
  • Begin to put systems in place to identify active conditions of the resident. Reliant therapists perform a full system evaluation, so engage their input for areas which may have been missed. During daily stand up or triple check, include clinical condition conversations to quickly identify changes which may need to be reflected in coding.
Strong partnerships for understanding and implementing processes for ICD-10 is critical. As stated, coding impacts PT, OT, SLP, Nursing, and Non-therapy ancillary case mix groups. Accurate coding ensures resource availability for successful outcomes and patient satisfaction. Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day , so let’s start conversations now.

SNF Quality Reporting Program Submission Deadline Approaching

The deadline for the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Quality Reporting Program MDS data submission for April 1, 2018-June 30, 2018 (2nd quarter) is November 15, 2018.
Review resources:
Current data collection (2018 4th quarter) includes new section GG items added on October 1, 2018. Download Reliant’s resource here.

CMS recommends that providers run applicable validation/analysis reports prior to each quarterly reporting deadline in order to ensure all required data has been submitted.

SNF QRP Data on Nursing Home Compare as of 10/24/2018

CMS has added five SNF QRP measures to Nursing Home Compare.
Download the CMS’ Fact Sheet.

Updated Rankings Available for SNFs Participating in Value Based Purchasing Program

CMS is providing updated rankings for all SNFs included in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 VBP program year.
A list of each SNF’s incentive payment multiplier and updated ranking can be found on the SNF VBP website.
The incentive payment multiplier applicable to each SNF is unchanged from the multiplier that CMS previously included in the SNF’s FY 2019 Annual Performance Score Report.
That multiplier will be used to adjust the federal per diem rate otherwise applicable to the SNF for services furnished from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. 

Hurricane Michael and Medicare Disaster Related Florida and Georgia Claims

CMS provided a revised MLN Matters article addressing providers in the states of Florida and Georgia who were affected by Hurricane Michael. Read full article here.
The Department of Health and Human Services provides healthcare emergency preparedness information via the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) website.


Every month on the third Thursday, Reliant’s Clinical Services offers a webinar to our partners on relevant topics within our industry.
In October we shared our Model 10 2.0 program.
Model 10 2.0 enables clinicians to efficiently and effectively identify unique patient needs, tailor treatment plans, and successfully transition the patient to the next level of care. 
Corporate compliance and ethics week falls in November; therefore, the Client Connection will present on  Reliant’s compliance program Do The Right Thing.

We hope you’ll join us!

Keep Your Passwords Safe

Compromised passwords are one of the leading causes of data breaches, and reusing passwords can increase the damage done by what would otherwise be a relatively small incident. Cyber-criminals know that people reuse credentials and often test compromised passwords on commonly used sites in order to expand the number of accounts they can access.
Learn more about protecting your information here.

Thank you for celebrating our Physical Therapists this month!

No Patient Left Behind (NPLB)

trains our therapists in interpretation of quality indicator reports and the impact of quality measure reporting to aid in the care of facility residents. This month we’ll look a little closer at the third element:
Linking Quality and Care.
Reliant believes in equipping our therapists with the knowledge and resources to address quality measures and changes in resident function timely. NPLB describes the quality indicators identified by Medicare as critical to patient care and dives into the distinct role physical, occupational and speech therapy play for each.

When the Real House Moms of Nocatee Unite After Hurricane Michael

Monday, October 8th: Catherine Schuman (Katie), an SLP at a facility in Ponte Vedra, FL, received notification their facility would be housing displaced residents evacuating from the path of Hurricane Michael. The residents and staff arrived with a few changes of clothes, prepared to return to Port St. Joe after Michael’s dissipation.
Wednesday, October 10th: Hurricane Michael devastated Port St. Joe in a way none of them expected. Homes were destroyed, vehicles flooded, and possessions lost.
Katie recognized the need immediately, not only for the residents, but the CNAs and nursing staff who accompanied them, and now had no idea when they would return home or what would be left. Katie has been part of a moms group in Ponte Vedra for several years now, and when it came time to elicit the generosity of the “Real House Moms of Nocatee” she didn’t hesitate.
The response to her call for adult clothing and toiletries was overwhelming. The donations received filled two rooms in the facility. Today she says “They’re good. There is enough.” Other organizations continue gathering for children and families affected, but Katie’s desire was to ensure her residents and colleagues were comfortable. Katie was insistent in sharing the thanks and praise with her fellow neighborhood moms because without them it wouldn’t have been possible to meet the need.
To the Real House Moms of Nocatee and Katie Schuman, thank you for your compassion and deliberate action to ensure our residents and staff are cared for. Katie, we are honored to have you as one of our own.

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