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Reliant Rehabilitation ensures the highest level of functional outcomes by providing you with a team of well-trained therapists who utilize our proprietary clinical programs and reporting systems to help maintain consistency all across the network, better serving therapists, and patient needs.

Clinical Program Services

Model 10

Our innovative clinical model of care was developed by a team of physicians, therapists and nurses committed to maximizing each patient's potential. This care management model assists caregivers with identifying and planning optimal care pathways, as well as measuring and documenting clinical outcomes.

From meeting basic patient needs and improving quality of life to reducing the burden of care. Reliant provides a significant amount of caregiver training to help patients adapt to improve functional abilities, compensate for impairments, and restore independence.

No Patient Left Behind

Prevent avoidable declines in function and ensure that long-term resident needs are met at every level of the care time line. This program includes caregiver education , quarterly screens and monthly focus programs to provide residents with the opportunity to maintain their highest practicable level of function.

Clinical Pathways

Clinical pathways provide caregivers with a roadmap for successful patient outcomes and establish minimum competency levels for providing care in the post-acute environment.

Clinical Pathways include

Dancing with the Seniors

This program's social component compliments its physical dimension. The movement of dance improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and eases tension. It also helps increase stamina and increases flexibility while sharpening the mind.

Dementia Training

Reliant's dementia training benefits quality care, resident satisfaction and assists you with meeting the Requirements of Participation (RoP) related to Behavioral Health. Training is made available to the interdisciplinary team, including those required and recommended to attend. We partner with you to provide this critical training to assure quality and compliance in providing care to residents with dementia.

Reliant Wellness

Qualified clients can utilize a dedicated Wellness Coordinator to assist with needs assessment, education and program fulfillment for various wellness courses.

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